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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Report of Mumbai Visit

I have left Nepal for the journey to Mumbai on 19 November and returned in Nepal on 6th November, in this period I met the leaders of Prawashi Nepali Sangh in Mumbai. I couldn't meet them in one place due to the their job and residence differences. One day I went to the central member of Sang Mr. Damber Rawal in Nala Sopara in his residence and talked about the concept and history of the Appreciative Inquary. He was interested about this new concept so told him to organize a seminar for 3 to 5 days. He kept his economical and time management for the different friends though he has committed to orgnize the seminar. He told that i will discuss to all the leaders of the sangh and will inform about the program. Similary I met Mr. Balkrishna Dhakal Chairperson of Nepali prawashi Sangh of Maharastra - gujrat state in Vasinda , Loknath Pande secretory of the same sangh in Matunga and Deepak Bhattrai in Juhu and others friends in differences. All of them are interested to attend the seminar about AI Philosophy. If they will invite on any program we have to attend it to extend our concept in India. According to my experience we can develop our network in India through different organizations of Nepalese in India. We have to publish some bulletins for the publicity of AI.

Bal Bahadur Acharya
National Member