Nepal Appreciative Inquiry National Network (NAINN)

This is the website of the Nepal Appreciative Inquiry National Network (NAINN), dedicated to promote Local Imagine Initiative Movement for Positive Societal Transformation through Appreciative Inquiry Campaign in Nepal. Our local imagine initiatives, regional networks and other network members are leading in every region of Nepal and every sector of Nepalese society. Please visit it often to read our latest news and invitations and forget not for your valuable suggestion.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Imagine Devichaur Formed

Human Rights Education Radio Listeners’ Club (HRERLIC, Nepal) organized a two day training on “Appreciative Inquiry and Conflict Transformation” at Devichaur, Lalitpur on 9-10 June, 2006. The training was organized focusing the people who are mainly living in the rural areas. There were 45 participants representing local organization. Most of the participants were female, 30. Most of the participants were just literate and they were clarified the importance of ‘Appreciation’. They were also clarified about how the conflict in the family, society and organization can be transformed positively. Philosophy of AI and the importance of family plan were also discussed. The participants were so happy getting a new way to understand the life. On the last day of the training, the participants volunteered to form Imagine Devichaur. They have become ready to bring a wave of positive change in their village. Mr. Parashu Ram Timalsina, General Secretary of Nepal Appreciative Inquiry National Network (NAINN) facilitated the training. Mr. Ramesh Timalsina, National Executive Member of HRERLIC, Nepal, co-facilitated it.

Imagine Devichaur has been formed on the chairpersonship of Mr. Khadananda Dulal whereas Mr. Deepak Timalsina is the Secretary and Ms. Goma Bajagain is the treasurer. There are 9 members in the team. Mr Ramesh Timalsina is helping to disseminate the news of Devichaur.

Social Audit training through Appreciative Inquiry

Five day Social audit training through Appreciative Inquiry was held in Tansen. The training was organized by NGO Federation Nepal, district chapter, Palpa in June, 2006. Appreciative Inquiry Theory, philosophy and approach were discussed in the training. During the training, it was discussed on the importance of family plan. The subject, social Audit, is included in AI approach.

Mr.Ram Bahadur Raut National Chairperson of NAINN and Mr.Bhesh Raj Timilsena Member of Imagine Initiative Palpa facilitated the whole training.

AI orientation in School

One day AI orientation training was held in Tilottama higher Secondary school Dovan Palpa on May 24, 2006. The orientation was for the school teachers. Mr.Ram Bahadur Raut, the facilitator, discussed on art of life and AI philosophy. 20 school teachers participated the program. The teachers have committed to apply their learning in their practical life.