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This is the website of the Nepal Appreciative Inquiry National Network (NAINN), dedicated to promote Local Imagine Initiative Movement for Positive Societal Transformation through Appreciative Inquiry Campaign in Nepal. Our local imagine initiatives, regional networks and other network members are leading in every region of Nepal and every sector of Nepalese society. Please visit it often to read our latest news and invitations and forget not for your valuable suggestion.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Imagine Initiative Kapilvastu formed.

One day Appreciative Inquiry(AI) programme was jointly organized by Siddharth Social development centre Kapilvasu and Imagine Initiative Motipur at Jitpur, Kapilvastu. National chairperson of Nepal Appreciative Inquiry National Network Ram Bahadur Raut & Gopal Ghimire member of NAINN facilitated the program. The participants were cleared about AI, it’s theory, philosophy and 4D cycle. Tanka Acharya chaired the program and Pom Narayan Paudyal run the program. School Supervisor of District Education Office, Political parties's Leader, Journalist, Civil Society's Leader, NGO federation Member, NGO representatives were present at the programme. Among the participants there were 4 Female & 25 Male

The House formed the Imagine Initiative Kapilvastu,

The Team members are as follows:

Gunanidhi Bhusal - Chairperson

Bishnu Khanal

Nityananda Gnawali

Shanta Bikram Paudyal

Pom Narayan Paudyal

Umesh Paudyal

Baburam Bhushal

Tanka Acharya

Arjun Pokharel

Shikha Jaisawal

Jayaprakash Pandey

Bishnu Paudyal

Laxman Belbase

Tikaram Paudyal

Sita Ram Chaudhari

Madhav Cahudhari

Sundara KC

Baburam Bhattarai

Community Radio Muktinath and other media gave high priority and disseminated the news.

Imagine Initiative Arghakhanchi formed.

Bahuaayamik Sewa Kendra, Arghakhanchi held one day AI orientation programme on November 6, 2005. The programme was chaired by Ramjee Prasad Ghimire, chairperson of Bahuaayamik Sewa Kendra and was run by Dhurva K.C. Mr. Ram Bahadur Raut, National Chairperson of Nepal Appreciative Inquiry National Network Ram Bahadur Raut & Mr. Gopal Ghimire member of NAINN, facilited the program. Chief District officer, District Education Officer, Leaders of the political parties, Journalist, Civil Society's Leader, NGO federation chairperson, NGO representatives, Chairperson of Nepal chamber of commerce & Industry Arghakhanchi were present in the programme. The total participants were 36 including 4 females.

The program was focused on Appreciative Inquiry for positive societal transformation. As NAINN has been facilitating to form Imagine Initiatives, the facilitators mainly explained what AI is and how it works in the society. At last, the participants formed Imagine Initiative Arghakanchi.

The Team members are as follows:

Sahayogi B.C. - Chairperson

Ram jee Ghimire

Motilal Khanal

YamRaj Pandey

Yogendra Paudyal

Him Bdr. GC

BhaktiRam Ghimire

Thakur Adhikari

Bina Neupane

Shusila Gaire

Lokendra BK

Ram Bdr. Chauhan

Hari Ghimire

Lila BK

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Nepal Appreciative Inquiry National Network (NAINN)

Experience Sharing Meeting

Career Group of Palpa held an Experience Sharing Meeting at Palpa on 29th October, 2005. The meeting was to share the experience about Appreciative Family Planning. Nepal Appreciative Inquiry National Network has begun a campaign of ‘Appreciative Family Planning.’ Palpa District is the first district to run the campaign in a district wide. Career Group is the first Organization to make the Appreciative Family Plan. In the meeting, the participants shared that they have been getting joy at hope while running family with such planning. The members of the career group members have made the family planning for a year. The meeting was chaired by Shatish Chapagain and Ram Raut clarified about the short term and long term vision of the planning.

Reported by : Ram Bahadur Raut, National Chair Person of NAINN.

Imagine Initiative Kaski Meeting
The meeting of Imagine Initiatives Kaski held at the office of Naulo Ghumti on 26th November, 2005. The decisions made as following:

1. On Marga 10, there will be an orientation program for the representatives of Gos/NGOs of Kaski district at the conference hall of DDC kaski. The workshop will be facilitated jointly by Naulo Ghumti and NEST.

2. Magha 21 and 22 is proposed for Regional Meeting in Pokhara. By that atleast two district level imagine initiatives in Syangja and Tanahun will be formed.

3. NEST will organize a TOT on Appreciative Inquiry in Pousha. The dateb will be decided latter.

4. September 8-10 the proposed date for the third National Summit of AI is accepted.

5. The procedure of second national summit and AI workshop held in Kathmandu was shared by Gopal Khadka, Suraj Rijal and Ram Prasad Gyawali.

Reported by: Ram Prasad Gyawali, EC member of NAINN

Training of Trainer Training

October 20-26, 2005. Appropriate Technology for Asia (ATA) organized a seven day general Training of Trainer Training through Appreciative Inquiry for community leaders and staffs of Himali Parmaculture Group at Lek-Pharsa Village Development Committee (VDC) in Surkhet District, Mid-west Nepal. There were 23 participants including 11 women. Mr. Raj Bahadur Giri from Kathmandu Training Center and Buddhi Tamang from Nepal Appreciative Inquiry National Network facilitated the training. In the training, development, gender, Appreciative Inquiry concepts were taught for the participants. Adult learning, rapport building, facilitation and presentation skills, training design and lesson planning have taught. Participants practiced the micro-teaching based on their own natural farming system of knowledge such as grafting, herbal shampoo, leaf nursery, kitchen gardening, pit latrine, animal health etc. At the end of the training participants showed their commitment to facilitate at least two training in their own respected farmer groups.

Reported by : Buddhi Tamang, National Advisor of NAINN.

Imagine Initiative Baitadi District
First week of October 2005. Imagine Initiative Baitadi District (IIBD) has been formed in Far-western Development Region of Nepal with comprising nine members under the chairmanship of Mr. Dhaniram Lohar. The Baitadi District is one of the remotest district of Nepal bordering with Uttar Pradesh, India. All the team members of IIBD are local Appreciative Inquiry facilitators, who are committed to carry out the imagine initiatives in the rural areas of Baitadi District.

IIBD is 24th Imagine District and altogether number of imagines initiatives have been reached 35 of Nepal Appreciative Inquiry National Network (NAINN).

Reported by : Buddhi Tamang, National Advisor of NAINN.

Appreciative Inquiry in Education
Appreciative Inquiry has taking diversified form in Nepal. It has been taught informally for school teachers and students in Dhangadi, Kailali District of Far-western Development Region of Nepal. Far-western Higher Secondary School (+2), Jesis Everest English High School and Guru Kul Academy Boarding School have been using Appreciative Inquiry for their students and teachers. Far-western Higher Secondary School (+2) has placed the high score pass rate as 75 percent in this region. AI has been used for positive mind setting, 4-D cycle planning of students and teachers, and discovering and strengthening their best practices, talent, exceptionality and other strengths. Mr. Mohan Bhatta (Principal of Far-western Higher Secondary School -+2) and Mr. Dinesh Bhandari (AI practitioner) have initiated this school initiatives and facilitating voluntarily.

Reported by : Buddhi Tamang, National Advisor of NAINN.

Appreciative Inquiry Family Planning
After I have shared my own family plan, 38 friends responded me. Thanks for your appreciative response. It is my second phase plan through Appreciative Inquiry 4-D cycle and I am practicing in my family. What I have believed is - without practicing the Appreciative Inquiry by us we cannot tell to practice to others. If we do so, then it is only idealism. Our friend Mr. Sahadev Mahat always says, "dream without action is empty vision and action without dream is just passing the time." This saying is important and it also applies in our family.
Development professionals, practitioners, facilitators, community motivators, trainers, planners and are trained in planning for others. We do plan for our organizations, institutions, projects, NGOs, INGOs, agencies and communities. But we simply ignore to make the plan for our own family, where we live in. In this regard, without our own family plan and action how, we can develop our professionalism for our professional organizations and agencies. In this context, I think, family plan is very important, which helps to model family. Therefore, I urge you all to use Appreciative Inquiry at your home by developing family plan. If you have already developed your family plan, please send me for posting in our website If some of you need my help, please, do not hesitate to ask me. After the Second National Summit of Imagine Initiatives of Nepal (SNSIIN), Nepal Appreciative Inquiry National Network (NAINN) is facilitating for AI practitioners, facilitators, supporters and well wishers to make family plan as a campaign in Nepal. Therefore, lets start to grow and nurture our family's peace, harmony and prosperity. To accomplice this task, we have to ask following questions to ourselves own - if not we, who will think? If not I, who will do plan? If not here, where? If not now, when?
I heartily, request you to help to others for their family plan development and share as many people as you can such as relatives, friends, neighbors, development professionals.
Name of respondents are as follows:
Parashuram Timalsina; Ram Bdr. Raut; Chandi Chapagain; Chhing Sherpa; Geetha Rana; Cathy Ward; Roland Sulllivan; Peter Scheuch; Ramesh Chand; Moti Prasad Thapa; Dr.Shiba Karkee; Hom Nath Subedi; Tika Pantha; Uddhab Karki; Nirmal Sharma; Indu Bikal Sapkota; Mr. Nawa Raj Dhakal; Anthony Willet; Mark Chupp; Roz Kay; Bhim Malla; P.B. Chand; Rana Chuk; Tek Bdr. Thapa; Dwarika Nath Shrestha; Kishor Gautam; Rashmila Shakya; D.B. Sunuwar; Dev Raj Paudel; Dhana Bdr Shrestha; Surya Bar. Thapa; Trilok Neupane; binjwala; Linda Fairburn; Malcolm Odell; Najma Beresford; Mina Parajuli

Withdrawal of Program Postponed in Terhathum

It is good news for the NGOs of Terhathum district that the Maoist who had ordered to I/NGOs not to run any means of development work for one year effected from the 1st of Ashadh, 2062. After a lot effort, on the 7th of kartik,2062, they declared to withdraw of their restriction against I/NGOs. So we are now in the position to move ahead towards operate programme. So, I am planning to hold a district level orientation w/s of AI. I will prepare a TOR for resource person and project proposal for that programme. Thank you very much for your correspondence and let it keep continue. Happy Dipawali for you all. Thank you.

Reported by : Kapil Dev, EC member of NAINN.

MTOT Training

CEDPA and Nagarik Awaz organized a 10 days Master Training of Trainers at Imdol, Lalitpur from September 18 – 27. There were 50 participants including 30 females representing various organizations throughout the country. The training was focused on peace building and conflict resolution. Parashu Ram Timalsina, General Secretary of Nepal Appreciative Inquiry Naitonal Network (NAINN) took a class of Appreciative Inquiry (AI). AI is an appropriate theory that can help for the peace building and conflict resolution. He gave an idea of AI and it’s theory, and discussed about positive mind setting. He further cleared about how AI helps in peace building process. The participants took part in discussion after the class. The lead facilitator of the training was Shobha Basnet and the other facilitators were Mr. Nayan Bdr. Khadka and Mr. Sudarshan K.C.

Reported by : Parashu Ram Timalsina, General Secretary of NAINN