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Monday, April 02, 2007


Case Western Reserve University (CWRU), Cleveland, Ohio, USA, as its regular schedule, organized Appreciative Inquiry Certificate program of this year from 19 March, 2007. The first part of the program (training) is over. Nepal Appreciative Inquiry National Network (NAINN) has taken part in the program. The following executives of NAINN have taken part in the program:

a. Mr. Ram Bahadur Raut – National Chairperson
b. Mr. Parashu Ram Timalsina – General Secretary

The program (training) was facilitated by Prof. Dr. David Cooperrider, the founding father of Appreciative Inquiry (AI) and the Patron of NAINN, and Ronald Fry, associate professor of organizational behavior at case Western Reserve University. The first part of the program has been turned into a fruitful event for NAINN. The participants from different countries were almost amazed to know the movement and development of AI and NAINN’s contribution to make this happen. The participants from NAINN have been able to make NAINN and its activities popular to the people of different countries.

The second part of the program can be done individually. But the participants from NAINN will do the field work under the name of NAINN. At the end of the first part of the program, both the participants have announced the two innovative programs to be initiated before the third part of the program. The two new initiations will be as follows:

a. Breakthrough change in the VDCs through Appreciative Inquiry- will be led by Ram Bahadur Raut, National Chairperson of NAINN
b. Family for Peace and Social Development through Appreciative Inquiry (A project for Appreciative Inquiry Model Village) – will be led by Parashu Ram Timalsina, General Secretary of NAINN.

Besides these, the participants from NAINN organized meetings with the patron of NAINN. The meeting was mainly focused on the following topics:
• Formation of NAINN Friends’ Club
• Formation of AI Global Network
• AI Summit in Nepal
• Support of CWRU for the participation of NAINN members in AI certificate program regularly.
The patron is very much positive on the subjects and has given words to make these happen.
The participants are to be present in August, 2007 with the progress report of the projects in CWRU.

NAINN would like to thank Prof. David Cooperrider, Ronald Fry, Linda Fairburn, Sue Hammond, Najma, Allison, Mac Odell, Marcia Odell, Dawn Dole, Jennifer Carr, James Van Doran and many other people who have helped a lot to make this happen.

Two more Nepali participants have taken part in the program:
a. Mr. Ram Chandra Lamichhane, Member Imagine Nepal
b. Mr. Kamal Lamichhane

All Nepalese participants have tried their best to make Nepal’s height heighten in the ocean of AI.