Nepal Appreciative Inquiry National Network (NAINN)

This is the website of the Nepal Appreciative Inquiry National Network (NAINN), dedicated to promote Local Imagine Initiative Movement for Positive Societal Transformation through Appreciative Inquiry Campaign in Nepal. Our local imagine initiatives, regional networks and other network members are leading in every region of Nepal and every sector of Nepalese society. Please visit it often to read our latest news and invitations and forget not for your valuable suggestion.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Imagine Initiative Somadi Area.

27 September 2006
"Positive societal transformation through imagine initiative movement " We believe that small dream can change the whole world. So conduct this imagine initiative movement in our society. In due to this movement Imagine initiative somadi area had formed. In this occasion National chairperson of NAINN Mr. Ram Bahadur Raut and member of NAINN Mr. Gopal Ghimire were attend in this ceremony.

The bodies of this initiative are as follows:
Moti Lal Khamcha Coordinator From Bhuwanpokhari VDC.
Meena BK Vice Coordinator From Siddheswor VDC.
Nirala Shrma Secretary From Digam VDC Gulmi
Krishna Pokharel Member From Somadi VDC
Manju Nepal " From Somadi VDC
Dipendra Regami " From BhuwanpokhariVDC
Sita Pokharel " From Somadi VDC
Ghanashyam Panth " From Somadi VDC
Uma Bhadur Budhathoki " From Siddeswor VDC
Madhu Pokharel " From Somadi VDC
Raju Bhandari " From Somadi VDC
Srijana Pokharel " From Somadi VDC
Ganga Pokharel " From Somadi VDC