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Monday, August 28, 2006

Imagine Initiative Rupandehi

August26, 2006

Imagine Rupandehi has formed. Gathering of AI practicener has formed one Imagine Initiative Organization on Rupandehi district level. They also decided to support the third national summit of imagine initiative movement. The committee's members are as follows:
Chairperson - Mr. BalBahadur Acharya
Secretary - Mr. Muktiram Pokharel
Treasurer - Mr. Yagya Gaire
Member - Mr. Abiram B.k.
Member - Mr. Krishna Sapkota
Member - Mr. Indra Dahal
Member - Ms. Lila Paudel
Member - Mr. Raju joshi
Member - Mr. Surya Prasad Joshi
Member - Mr. Yam Rana
Member - Mr. Krishna Giri

Advisor - Mr. Ghanashyam Koirala
- Mr. Khagraj Sharma
- Mr. Ram prasad Ghimire
- Mr. Chuk Bdr. Rana
- Mr. Dinesh Joshi

Reported by Ram Raut