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Friday, February 17, 2006


The Tansen Durbar and the other antiques which were destroyed by Maoist attack on the 31 January,2006, are hoped to be revived. A public meeting held on 10th February formed a team for the reconstruction of Tansen. The attack had totally destroyed the Tansen Durbar which was a century’s living history in Nepal.

The Reconstruction Team will plan and manage to reconstruct the Durbar and its surrounding which covers nearly one hector. The Durbar Compound had the largest gate in Asia which will be brought back into its previous form during the reconstruction process. The Durbar Area is also famous for its archeological importance. The team will also hold Tansen Summit for the imagination of New Tansen.

The team has appealed to all the Naitonal and international government, donor agencies, NGOs, INGOs, people and all well-wishers for the support of their moral, physical, financial and any other kinds of help.

The followings are the members in the team:

Ram Bahadur Raut ,Chairperson of NAINN and NGO federation, Palpa district
Hari Raymajhi ,Chairperson of Chamber of commerce and Industry Palpa
Basudev Aryal ,Chairperson of civil society Palpa.
Bhagawan Bhandari ,Secretary of NFJ Palpa.
Rajesh Kumar Aryal, Coordinator of Community Redio Madanpokhara.
Ganesh Khanal, Ex chairperson of Town development committee
Manmohan Shreshth., Chairperson of GETUP Palpa.
Jay Prakash Bhushal, Chairperson of Hotel Shreenagar
Damodar Ghimire ,Chairperson of NAVIN Palpa (National Allince of village
development committee In Nepal.).

The team has started its job with a month’s action plan in the beginning.