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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

One Day Appreciation Inquiry Orientation Program

Imagine Youth Nepal (IYN) organized one day Appreciative Inquiry Orientation Program at Tribhubhan University (TU) on May 30,2006. The program was organized for the member of IYN. IYN has been recently established to mobilize the youths to make New Nepal. It has planned to spread its web all over Nepal so that the energy, creativity and imagination of the Youths of Nepal can be utilized for the Nation. IYN will go had in hand with Nepal Appreciative Inquiry National Network (NAINN). Appreciative Inquiry is the guiding & organizational principle of IYN.

The main objective of the orientation program was to introduce AI among its members. The program was focused to provide basic knowledge of AI. Most of the participants, the members are the students of Master level, studying in TU. There were 28 participants including 13 women. Mr. Parashu Ram Timalsina, General Secretary of NAINN and Mr. Buddhi Tamang, National Advisor of NAINN facilitated the program. The participants could get general idea about what AI is , how it works and what its theoretical bases are.

Birth of Imagine Youth Nepal

Thinking that there is a need of an organization which leads the society to the Positive thinking and the Appreciative Inquiry, we have organized Imagine Youth Nepal here on 22nd May 2006 in Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal as a whole Nepal representative body.
After a long discussion , interaction and meeting to establish such organization we came in this position . Keeping the main aim as Leading the society to the Positive thinking and establishing a culture of Appreciative Inquiry in society, we have organized this. We want to do our works jointly with other organizations when the aims match. We know that the world is lead by the youth , so our main focus is the youth group. It is the youth who can change the world if we can cultivate such positive thinking and appreciative culture to them.
The body is like this:
President: Gopal Ghimire
Vice President: Bijaya Raj Awasthi
Secretary General: Khem Raj Sedhai
Secretary: Krishna Panthi
Treasurer: Uma Karki
Binod Kumar Subedi
Anod Bhattarai
Lok Prasad Paudel
D R Pokhrel
Rina Chaudhary
Shova Shrestha
Dhan Bahadur Sunar
Jeetendra Maharjan