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Sunday, December 25, 2005

AI orientation

Appreciative Inquiry orientation
Good Goverance club Palpa held two day training on good governance & Human right training through AI . In this training 26 participants were participeted. The training subject were AI thoery,Human right principle,Do no harm,& norms of good governance.Facilitators of the training were : Ram Raut, Jhapendra Gaire,Madhav Nepal.

Reported by Ram Raut

"Palpali lowercaste's strength & our oppertunity for social development" workshop held in Palpa
LOCDC Palpa held "Palpali lowercaste's strength & our oppertunity for social development" workshop held in Palpaone day workshop in Tansen Palpa.At that workshop Ram bahadur Raut, National chairperson of NAINN was present the pepar on that tital.
Act. CDO, political party leader, Lisp representetive & many of social actor were participated the workshop. Mr. Nirmal Shresth & Tirtha Gautam were comment that workshop.

Reported by Ram Raut

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Imagine Initiative Triveni

Three days AI in Environment Management training program held in Triveni Susta v.d.c. Nawalparasi district. Training was organized by CEAMP, Nawalparasi. 35 local people/ users of CEAMP were participated in the training.This training was facilitated by Suman Gopal Acharya co-ordinater of Imagine Nawalparasi and Gopal ghimire member of NAINN. Ghanashayam koirala join- secretary of CPM UML Nawalparasi district and Lok pd. poudel program officer of DDC Nawalparasi were also presented in the program. At that time participants were form an IMAGINE INICIATIVE TRIVENI"for spread AI movement.
Members of Imagine initiative Triveni are as follows: -
Co-ordinater - Bheshraj khanal
Naina subedi
Kausila thapa
Sukdev dhungana
Laxman pd. gautam
Rekha bhujel
Madan ganwali
Uttam basnet
Padma mudvari
Ranjana thapa
Ganesh raj chaulagain
Lal bahadur rana
Sita dahkal
Radha thapa
Bal kumari thapa
Reported by
Gopal Ghimire
Member of NAINN

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Appreciative participatory monitoring & Evaluation Training For NGO Activist.

Five day Appreciative participatory monitoring & Evaluation Training For NGO Activist was held in Kapilvasu district at 30 November to 4 December 2005.This training was organized by Janaadarsh Social center Imiliya Kapilvastu. There were 4 female & 12 male were participate at the training all of them are represent from Janaadarsha social center, SSDC, KSSC, GSSK. Ram Bahadur Raut National Chairperson of NAINN & ShreeRam Ghimire Training officer of NEST were the Facilitator of the training.

Reported by
Ram Raut

One day AI orientation for Basic journalism & Radio Anchoring Training's Participants.

Carrier group Palpa held ten days Basic journalism & Radio Anchoring Training in Palpa from 27november to December 6, 2005. At that occasion one day AI orientation programme was conducted. National Chairperson of NAINN Mr. Ram Bahadur Raut & Mr Satish chapagain vice coordinator of AI media net Palpa were Facilited that orientation programme . At that programme 6 female & 14 male participants were participated. Definition of AI, history of AI, how to apply in our life & family plan is the subject of the orientation.

Reported by
Ram Raut

Monday, December 05, 2005

Palpa Orientation

NGO federation Palpa & Imagine Initiative Palpa jointly organized the one day AI orientation programme for Chief of the government office in district level.Ram Bahadur Raut National Chairperson Of NAINN was facilitate the programme.In the programme all participants were expressed their experience.
Participants are as follow:
Chief district officer of Palpa .
DSP of Palpa
Act Local development officer of DDC Palpa.
Forest officer of Palpa.
Chief of district soil conservation office Palpa.
Chief of irrigation devision office Palpa
Chief of Water supply & Sanitation division office Palpa
Women dev. officer of Women dev office Palpa.
Chief of Tresure& accont office Palpa.
Chief of revenue(Landtax) office Of Palpa.
Chief of District post office Palpa
District agreeculture officer of Palpa.
Family planing officer Palpa.
Chief of district public health office palpa.
NGO federation Palpa 4 member.
Department of Auditing of centrel committe member of CPN (UML)
Disrtict Secretory of Nepali congress.
Total 20 person.

Reported by Ram Raut
National chairperson