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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Health worker's Network

Network of Health worker for positive thinking in their field

Health worker's Network formed
March 2, 2007, Palpa
Six days AI training, Planning and Review meeting held in Tansen Palpa . This program organized by District Public Health Office Palpa.Whole training facilitate by Ram Bahadur Raut National Chairperson of NAINN. In the occasion of the six day AI training, planning and review meeting of health worker, are working in District Public Health Office Palpa formed one network in Palpa. Objective of network are as follows:

 To expansion the positive thinking in Health sector and used in their own field.
 To counseling positively their patients in the clinic.
 To study about AI in their own life.
 To make their Family Plan for prosperous family.

The Members of Network are as follows:

Coordinator: Mrs. Kalpana Paudel Staff Nurse Chief of Nutrition Program
Vice-coordinator: Netra Ghimire In charge of Health centre of Palung Mainadi
Member: Lekhanath Bhusal In charge of Chhahara Health post.Palpa
Member: Prem Gyawali In charge of Sub Healthpost Hungi Palpa
Member: Min Bahadur Rana In charge of Healthpost Archale Palpa
Member: Tirth prashad Dhungana In charge of Primary Health centre Rampur Palpa
Member: Majiboor Rahaman In charge of sub-healthpost Gandakot Palpa
Member: Keshav Bhahadur GC In charge of Sub-healthpost Jhadewa Palpa
Member: Krishna chnadra Rayamajhi Supervisor of DHO Palpa
Member: Shalik Ram Pahari In charge of sub-healthpost Pokharathok Palpa
Member: Ram Janam Kurmi Supervisor of DHO Palpa
Member: Krishna Prashad Sharma In charge of sub-healthpost MadanPokhara Palpa
Member: Bishnu KC In charge of Healthpost TanhuPalpa
Member: Ramprit Yadav In charge of Healthpost Khasauli Palpa
Member: Laxmeswor Jha Vaccine Supervisor of DHO Palpa
Advisor: Balkrishna Bhusal Chief of DHO Palpa